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the Power of Telegram-prime.

We have been developing marketing software for 6 years, of which we have been developing and improving a combine for marketing in telegram for 4 years. To date, telegram prime has more than 150 functions, divided into categories.

Account Management

Multi-threaded auto-registration with account branding: setting photos, status, names, 2fa and 20 more functions. Cheat accounts in channels/groups/refs in bot

Target Audience

Audience parsing from groups (even closed ones without a link) and comments with filtering by 15 parameters. Checker of number databases for availability in telegram.

Bulk Sending

Mass sending of messages to groups, to users, in comments, in dialogues, secret chats. Cyclical spam around the clock, embedding links in the text, reposts, etc.

Invite to Groups

A mass-invite users to a group with the possibility of inviting users without a username by id, with fine-tuning timeouts for safe work without bans. You can invite users by phone numbers.


Software Works on Telegram Api

This is an exclusive advantage that competitors working through the web version cannot afford. What does it give?

Lower risk of account ban

Android/iOS/Desktop apps connect to the telegram server via API, using them you become invisible.

All actions happen much faster

API work does not require opening a browser, takes place in fractions of seconds and consumes tens of times less proxy traffic.

Modules that have no analogues.

Since we do not charge a subscription fee, we have developed modules for a nominal fee to support the project!

Cloner of any groups/channels

Can clone in real time. You can replace words/links with your own. Accounts copy names and avatars.

Destruction of competitors

Is a module for mass abuse to groups, channels, users. 7 reasons for abuse, target selection.


Own secure forum for communication

Market for purchase/sale of services

The entrance to the sellers is only for software buyers, so you are protected from scam.

Secure code for your security

The forum uses 256-bit encryption - protection against leaks and third-party access to messages.


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