Dear friends, we want to thank you for being with us in 2021!
Together we overcame many difficulties, many mistakes and innovations) Both from our side and from Telegram 😉
We also want to congratulate you on the upcoming 2022, wish you successful orders and big jackpots for these same orders. Our team will go on vacation until January 15, 2022, we need to think and digest a lot in order to break into a new era with renewed vigor. Thanks to you, we have found many new people who are ready to work on the project, create new elements and functions for you. Thanks to each of you who reported bugs or elements that should be added for convenience, we hear you and finalize our joint product with you. Together we created something that is not found in any community, our own messenger, and even though it still has many facets that need to be trimmed, it has become a reliable and safe home for our community. After the new year, we also sit down to finalize TextExpert, which has completely passed into our hands, and all owners of Telegram god’s will receive its unlimited version for free, as soon as we transfer it to our rails. Thanks to all of you once again, without you, there would not be those bold achievements that we were going to this year and to which we are literally going to fly in 2022. Happy New Year everyone!!! 🥳🥳🥳

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