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For any type of mailing, text style formatting is available in the message input field, sending reposts from channels, attaching audio (including as a voice message), sending messages from @PostBot, adding media files, and substituting first/last name/username. Conditionally , the types of sending messages can be divided into three types:

  • Mailing to Telegram users.
  • Mailing by Telegram groups/comments.
  • Answering machine.
Sending SMS to Users

The functionality of the software allows you to send SMS to users both directly to the personal account and to secret chats. There is also an item for mailing through open dialogs. It is possible to immediately connect an answering machine.

Autoposting to Groups

This mode supports cyclic or one-time mailing of messages to telegram groups. Cyclical mailing can be useful for publishing an offer in specialized groups, one-time - for a one-time advertising campaign.

Sending SMS to id

To send SMS to users without usernames, just go to the mailing by id, section and insert a link to the donor group. Sending SMS by id allows you to reach a large audience with a limited base or if the groups are too small.

Answering machine

The answering machine allows you to bring the contacts that have answered you to the transaction and is designed to increase the conversion of the mailing list. Also, it allows you to send a link with a second message, or a little later.

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The statistics show the number of SMS sent via Telegram Prime. Updated once a month.

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