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Modules are purchased separately and are not included in the regular license.

Copying channels/groups in a few clicks

The group cloner allows you to parse and edit the group’s message history (links/phrases) copies avatars/account names, from the donor group and writes messages to the chat with a specified time interval.

The channel cloner allows you to duplicate any channel available on your account (you must first join), clones all media and text with the replacement of the link and text with yours. You can copy hype channels in real time.

Earn money on someone else's brand

With this tool, you can copy a competitor’s chat and, if the limits are met, even oust it from the Telegram search results. We use the group cloning function to pre-warm up groups before the invite using chat activity.
It is possible to invite users to active groups much more.

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The most frequently used functions in Telegram Prime as a percentage.


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