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Audience parsing in Telegram Prime

Parsing of groups with fine-tuning allows you to unload even users without a username – parsing by id. The Telegram ID of the user does not change throughout the life of the telegram user, changing the username does not help.

Among the more than 30 settings of the parser, we especially note:

❖ Firstly, there is the possibility of parsing from the accounts if there is no link to the group. There is a function of parsing contacts from accounts (open dialogs, or those who wrote to your accounts);

❖ Secondly, when parsing from groups, there are possibilities of filtering activity in the group (specify the limit of messages from the account in the specified group and the program will analyze only the last N-comments).‎ You can filter administrators/users/bots to choose from or upload them all to a file at once;

❖ Also, there is the possibility of parsing group members by the time of their last online (including hidden online) appearance on the network – this allows you to parse the most responsive audience;

❖ GEO parsing. It’s simple – upload a list of coordinates and collect all telegram users with geolocation enabled within a radius of 100 meters from each point;

❖ Protection against 99% of anti-spam bots when joining groups.

Advantage of the phone number checker

The phone number checker allows you to use phone number databases for the presence of a messenger for subsequent mailings, or an invite to a contact group. This will open the following possibilities:

  • Allows you to filter the audience by gender/age/Geo/occupation/hobbies, etc.;
  • You can accurately determine the target audience;
  • This is better than a tortured audience telegram groups;
  • 1 account can scan up to 20 numbers;
  • This audience receives few notifications from the Telegram, so they are more responsive;
  • Very high payback of contact bases;
  • Contact databases of individuals and legal entities are sold on more than 120 specialized sites.

Average number of registered contacts per 100*

*the data Are based on the checking of phone numbers in CIS. Subject – Business

Telegram Channel Parsing

Telegram God’s have a built-in function for parsing from channel comments. You can specify a range of posts for parsing (convenient if you regularly parse the same group). Unfortunately, due to the limitations of the telegram itself, it is impossible to parse the channel participants. Even for the administrator, only the first 200 people are available for viewing.


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