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Forwarder of messages from groups

This easy-to-configure element allows you to forward messages from all groups of dedicated accounts by a key query. Messages are forwarded to the account you specified.

Traffic Arbitration for a beginner

You can find groups suitable for your offer, join them with accounts and set up keywords for sending messages. Thanks to this method, we managed to make a huge profit on the sale of proxies.

The subject of earnings depends only on your imagination.

Traffic Arbitration

The product niche shows itself very well, especially wholesale. Telegram is full of groups in which small businesses are looking for wholesale suppliers.

Telegram Prime Sale

We could not miss the opportunity and will soon launch an affiliate program with a good percentage deduction for the client brought.

Earning on referral links

Find suitable offers (tested on proxies, hosting, software), copy the link and set up an auto-response with a link to the key query.

Selling your products

Of course, if it turns out to sell partner products, then its own products will be in demand. But it depends on the subject of your action.

With the correct configuration of the bundle, one copy of the software works around the clock to forward messages and automatically send links.


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