Telegram Prime [Lifetime License]


You purchase a perpetual license with all the basic functionality. PRO modules are purchased separately.

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Introducing the best Telegram software you can find on the Internet!

We are: 2800+ software users, 143,635,154 group invites, 350+ reviews, 794,410 telegram accounts registered with software in the last month, 73,744,615 messages sent out by software, 12,380,158 accounts registered in all time by software users.

What’s our advantage:

– Our own closed messenger for client communication and sharing with end-to-end encryption allows you to remain anonymous in your work. The messenger has a market for Telegram accounts and services, protected from scams. Only software users who have bought a perpetual license can go there, no impostors; – The Combine works directly through the api telegram on the 137 Layer, not through the web version. For the user this means the ability to work in 100 threads with no load on the system and no unnecessary timeouts; – Automatic registration of accounts with the ability to brand the sender (using their own names, images on avatars). Support of more than 10 sms-activation services; – We are more than 4 years on the market, which means that all functions of software are brought to perfection. 13 people in support service are ready to help you 24/7; – Over 2800 software users have already tried the functionality and purchased a license, among them are Americans, Chinese, Indians and Russians; – Parser. Collect the audience from any groups/chats Telegram. Supports parsing who wrote to the chat and left comments on the channel, filtering users by criteria for a more accurate definition of the target audience; – Telegram Numbers Checker. Allows you to check your database of phone numbers for the presence of messenger for subsequent inviting or sending messages to them; – Sending messages. Send thousands of messages to private messages/groups/secret chats in minutes. Text formatting, hiding links in text, and reposting from your channel are supported when you send messages. And thanks to autoresponder, your accounts will communicate with customers 24/7; – Accrual. The software has features for scoring bots to chats/groups/channels, as well as scoring referrals to bots, scoring reactions and views to posts and bot participation in anonymous polls; – Inviter to groups. From one account invites up to 45 users at a time. Reducing the number of users from an account to five, you can invite almost forever and without a ban. Text formatting, hiding links in the text and reposting from the channel are supported when sending messages.
Only we have original software with regular updates. Be careful not to get caught by a competitor with an old version of the software, who worked as a programmer and stole the code – this version is not updated and its use leads to the ban of accounts!

Cost of licenses:

Perpetual license – $260 Monthly license – $135 (you can upgrade to full version during the month) Test for a day – for free!


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