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Pay attention: this is not a version with English in the software, but a specially recorded version for an English-speaking audience and the software in it is in English, so that you do not get confused. The translation was made into English and subtitles were superimposed. Therefore, the price is higher than that of the Russian-speaking audience. Now there are about 10 English-speaking students, more than a hundred Russian-speaking students. The training is constantly updated and updates are included in the price. For these reasons, I can’t make a discount. Perhaps in the future, when there will be as many students as in the Russian group, I will reduce the price. But most likely by this time, the training of the Russian audience will reach the same price. Sellers and those who teach others learn from me, so I can safely call myself the best on the market!

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265+ students, regular updates, additional scripts to help with work. We offer to undergo a full training Telegram Soft. You will master all the principles of working with a combine. Starting with the correct registration of accounts (work with proxies, extraction of pairs, etc.), ending with an effective fight with your competitors, up to their destruction. In addition, master all the techniques of spamming, become a professional dealer of accounts, you will be an arbitrageur who pours into the plus and a marketing agency in one person!

Classes on working with the main function of the combine:

  1. Auto-Registration and proper work with accounts. You will receive information on how to register more than 1000 accounts per day, while avoiding bans. Learn all about delays, steam extraction, work with proxies, as well as how to properly use accounts during bedding;
  2. Gathering an audience and sending messages. Get software with which you can create up to 100,000 articles or redirects per day (telegram does not ban links!!!). For you will be available rules for randomization of texts, links, images, posts, competent setting of all parameters of mailings. All methods of spam will be studied (in person, on open dialogues, in groups, on secret chats), as well as features of working with different proxies.
  3. Swinging your own projects and invaiting. Let’s talk about how to create the gasket groups needed to swing your channels/groups/sites. Thanks to this, you will be able to invite up to 30,000 people to the group steadily;
  4. Ways to monetize accounts. I will share information, based on my own experience, how to correctly monetize accounts. As a result, you will gain knowledge about all the ways in which you can earn 5-10,000 on the passive.

Additional modules:

  1. Destruction of competitors. All information regarding the methods of banning channels, groups or users will be available to you. And also learn how to make money on one of the best alternatives to mailings – flood. The cost of the course includes additional software for reports directly to the support service (not only Telegram, but also VK, Instagram, Vatsap, Viber, etc.). At the same time, it is worth recalling that no one will ever give you a 100% guarantee of effectiveness. All those who give a guarantee about the demolition of the chat / channel / user – scammers;
  2. Monetization. Material will be provided on how to correctly monetize autorages, i.e. learn how to earn with the help of a message interceptor;
  3. Learn how to clone channels and earn with the help of popular directions today.

What is important to know when buying telegram soft training:

  • After each manual – a video with practice from the author, which shows the performance of each lesson
  • The duration is different, as there are complex and simple themes
  • More than 10 lessons in total, each with one to three videos
  • Based on the experience of past mistakes, our course is completely protected from draining, leaks are excluded.
  • I teach only how to correctly bypass systems from bans, professionally configure software and in general, formulate an understanding of the system, offers and arbitration are not my field of activity (articles on these topics will soon appear in the blog)
  • Only the amount of your work will depend on how much you spend on consumables. Therefore, the questions “how much do you need to start” are inappropriate.
  • Even in the worst case scenario, the cost of accounts is lower than the market price, at least 2 times
  • Classes are held on the official version of telegram software.


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