Update 14.10.2022

  • Софт переписан с нуля
  • Софт перенесён на 144й лаер
  • Добавлена поддержка внутри софта

This is a completely new product that works stably and has 144 lasers on board for operation (rega is supported by the latest laser)! Among other things, the long-awaited activation services with normal numbers of 14 rubles, a huge number of new functions have been added.

☆ The reger has added the ability to select a laer at will (the function is a test, we collect errors to integrate into the entire functionality of the software);
☆ The appearance has been changed, has undergone a number of modifications;
☆ Added profiles for registration (now you can save many variations of settings and quickly switch between them);
☆ Added a support tech chat inside the software (currently in test mode);
☆ Optimized the work on setting reactions from the account;
☆ The installer was made + the protection system was changed, defenders and antiviruses no longer swear;
☆ Collecting phone numbers from the chat;
☆ Added removal of avatars from profiles;
☆ Added the ability to change account logins from their lists of names.

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