The TDS.SO Service – Redirects And Traffic Distribution


Welcome to TDS.SO – your reliable partner in the world of traffic management!
Our service provides comprehensive solutions for redirects, tracking, traffic filtering and protection from bots, helping you optimize the efficiency of your business.

Advantages of TDS.SO


1. Easy to use: Our intuitive platform makes it easy to manage redirects and track all transitions by providing detailed analytics.

2. Reliable traffic filtering: Our algorithms provide protection against bots and unwanted traffic, which helps to conserve resources and improve traffic quality.

3. Blocking check: Free domain blocking check in VK, Google, Yandex and other popular services so that you are always aware of the status of your site.

4. Cloud Servers: Our cloud servers ensure stable operation of your website with minimal downtime.

5. Tracking system: Track every click and get detailed information about users, including the country, platform and browser.

6. Traffic Distribution system: Configure traffic distribution according to a variety of criteria such as country, browser, city and more.

Join TDS.SO today and start optimizing your traffic with advanced technology and professional support.