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Modules are purchased separately and are not included in the regular license.

Reporter Module

Created to send mass complaints about the subject to telegram. It can be used for the following purposes:

  • Destruction of a telegram user through a complaint about a username;
  • Demolition of channels/groups by the link, or by invite;
  • The destruction of the bot by abuse;
  • It is recommended to use with auxiliary tools.

The reason for Complaint field contains the 7 reasons for complaints. The more the reason corresponds to reality, the higher the probability of success.

When complaining about a group/channel, Telegram Prime have a choice of messages for abuse – pinned message/recent entries/description/all entries/recent entries.

What can help this module

If you decide to demolish a competitor, you need to start performing all the activities at the same time – so that the competitor does not have time to catch himself.

One of the complementary ways is to cheat low-quality bots (Arabs), send pornographic content with notification to users, complain about the official mail contacts of the telegram support service. The software that works through emulators shows itself very well. With the correct configuration of two software – the chance of removal is up to 70%


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