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Auto-registration supports 100 threads, 19 SMS activation services are supported. You can use a proxy from any provider, but we recommend The proxy should be taken for the calculation of 30 MB per 1000 registrations

You can register up to 20,000 telegram accounts per day in one copy. Telegram God’s also have the ability to transfer a personal account.

Percentage of registrations of tg accs

Taken from the largest SMS activation site

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Advanced registration settings

  • The Ability to Install Your own Avatars (logos)
  • Installing a Custom text or Link in Account Bio
  • Setting the Company Name to Account Name
  • Check Accounts Whitout Spambot
  • Get Authorization Code to Log in Account

Additional actions with accounts

Telegram God’s provides for the possibility of mass creation of groups/channels on your accounts. You can sell the created groups on the domestic market or monetize them yourself. A semi-annual group is enough to sell groups.

Software Product Development

We always follow the updates of telegram algorithms. The last update to the 147 LAYER in beta mode occurred on January 18. You can find out about the latest layer from the official repository at the bottom of the page.


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