Is it possible to use the purchased Telegram Prime license on 2 or more PCs?

No, the license is designed for simultaneous use only within one PC. To use on the second PC, you can purchase an additional license, or untie the main one from the first PC. In the latter case, the software will not work on the first device, only on the activated device.

Getting started with the program:


o    Minimum system requirements

o    Installation of Telegram Prime

o    Where to buy accounts and precautions

o    Complete removal of Telegram prime from the computer

o    VPS for Telegram Prime

o    Where is Telegram Prime supported

o    Changing the language of the Telegram Prime application

o    How do I find Telegram Prime settings?

o    How to insert a proxy in Telegram Prime?

o    Telegram Prime settings

o    Limits in working with Telegram

o    Where to report an error in Telegram Prime

o    Questions instead of letters in the Telegram Prime console

o    How to add Telegram Prime accounts

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