In today’s digital landscape, Telegram Prime stands at the forefront. To maximize its potential, many are looking for ways to acquire accounts. In this article, we’ll delve into how to safely and efficiently purchase session+json format accounts for Telegram Prime.

Precautions When Purchasing Accounts

Acquiring accounts requires a careful approach. To avoid pitfalls, consider the following guidelines:

  1. Account format: When selecting accounts, look for the session+json format;
  2. Communication with the seller: Communicate with the seller. Find out on which proxies it is better to work with accounts. This will save you from conflicts and misunderstandings;
  3. Documenting the process: Record all actions with accounts. Software, for example, Bandicam, is suitable for this;
  4. Methodicality: When checking accs, do not check the mulen at once – do it in parts. When using a record, the seller will not mind this approach;
  5. Ask questions: Ask the seller exactly how to use the accounts better. Some provide guarantees for a certain period of use
  6. Security in communication: If you work through Telegram, create backup backups of correspondence.
  7. And most importantly, remember: at any moment, the real cleaning of the cart can begin. As it was with votsap, when the real accounts of users of the whole country were banned.

Where to Buy Accounts

Several online platforms offer accounts for sale. Here are two recommended platforms:

  1. – carefully read the description, the format of the session +json accounts, what to pay attention to: the product is sold either individually (there is a separate link for each account, if you need a lot, you will have to download 1 piece in the archive for each link, which is not convenient), or in packs of 10 or 100 pieces. In the description, the seller often specifies the conditions for the return, verification and operation of accounts, so read the description carefully and, if in doubt, ask the seller, or buy elsewhere.
  2. (former – see also the description, in addition to this on the store’s deposit (displayed in the output on the right along with the name of the store) and when the store was created.


Purchasing accounts for Telegram Prime is a process that requires attention and precision. But, with our guidelines in place, you can navigate potential challenges and fully harness the platform’s capabilities.

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